Implementation and maintenance

After completing and launching your website, you need to publicise it so your target group will know it exists and can find it on the Web. This section suggests some options for promoting your website. It also focuses on work that will need to be done after the launch to maintain your website and keep it up to date.

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  1. Launching your website
  2. Promoting your website
  3. Tasks after the launch

Launching your website

After the designing, building, and testing of your website, it is ready to be launched. It will then be accessible to everyone on the Internet (unless you make it assessable to only those people who register and you give access to).

The launch is the perfect moment to attract public attention to your new website. You might organise a conference focusing on ChAPAPs and ‘officially’ launch your website there, present some data from your process evaluation, and invite guest speakers. A wide range of possibilities exist to let people know about your new website. Read more at Promoting your website.

Promoting your website

Promoting your website is crucial to ensuring that ChAPAPs can find it. There are many different ways to go about this. It is good to target both ChAPAPs and any relevant professionals, who in turn will relay information about the website to other potential users.

Here are some options for promoting the website:

  • Put your homepage online before the website is launched to make people aware that it is being developed. If you also place an e-mail link on this ‘under construction’ page, interested visitors can sign up to be notified when the website has opened.
  • Send out a press release at the time the website is launched. One interesting fact for the press will be the estimated number of ChAPAPs in your country.
  • Register your website with the major search engines.
  • Inform professionals and organisations in the field about the website’s content. These include institutions for addiction treatment and care, mental health services, professionals who work with ChAPAPs, other relevant professional networks, youth helplines and schools.
  • Ask the owners of other websites frequented by the target group to create hyperlinks to your website.
  • Develop and distribute promotion materials, designed both for the target group and for professionals.
  • Write articles for professional journals and youth magazines.
  • Publicise data from the process evaluation.
  • Develop a banner to advertise your website.

Tasks after the launch

The launch of your website signals a new stage in the project. As long as the website remains online, many tasks still need to be performed:

  • Maintenance of the website. Keep the content of the website up-to-date. Add links to new websites. Check regularly that the websites you link to are still online, that the names and addresses of listed organisations are still correct, etc.
  • Operating the interactive services. Read and reply to e-mails, moderate the forum, etc. If the interactive services are staffed by different people, you will probably want to hold regular plenary meetings.
  • The hosting of your website.
  • Website promotion.