What Can I Do to Respond to Parental Alcohol Misuse?

I didn’t like talking about things at school, I always thought they’d talk to other people, that everyone would know. We had a social worker but they were always changing, they’d come once then not for ages, then it’d be someone different. - Laura, 17 page 19

Everyone should know about this so you can come straightaway. You should be able to get help when you need it. I wish I’d come sooner, I wish someone’d noticed sooner. - Danny 14, page 19

I wouldn’t go to the doctor’s, he knew anyway and didn’t do anything. - Jane 14, page 19

You need to be able to keep getting support for as long as you need it, not just a few weeks. - Laura, 17 page 21

The workers are really nice, they understand what you are going through. It was good being with other people the same… I didn’t think it would be, I was a bit scared at first but it was good. - Jane, 15 page 21

All quotes are from › Turning Point’s ‘Bottling it Up’ report published in 2006 [pdf]

A lot of general information about this issue, including detail on how you would practically offer support to children, has been given elsewhere in this website.

› Read from ENCARE main site on Parental alcohol misuse - what can I do?.

This page will give specific information about UK guidance available on this topic and also on UK specific services. Link given below.

Note that we have been somewhat selective as it is not possible to give details of every single service or resource that is available. The Bottling it Up report referred to above is an excellent summary of what is needed and how it might be implemented.

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is at the heart of the Government’s children’s agenda and the delivery of integrated frontline services that are focused on the needs of children and young people. The CAF is a standardised approach to conducting an assessment of a child's needs, allowing for appropriate and swift decisions to be taken on how identified needs should be met. There is opportunity within the CAF to consider, amongst other things, the presence and impact of thinks like alcohol misuse and domestic abuse.

› Read more on UK specific services