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In matters concerning ENCARE Network:

President of the Network
Professor Michael Klein
Catholic University of Applied Sciences North Rhine-Westphalia

Vice-President of the Network
Mr Teuvo Peltoniemi
A-Clinic Foundation, Finland

Vice-President of the Network
Professor Richard Velleman
University of Bath, Mental Health R&D Unit

In matters concerning ENCARE projects:

Project ENCARE (2003-2004)
Prof. Dr Michael Klein

Project ALC-VIOL (2005-2007)
Prof. Dr Michael Klein

Project CHALVI (2006-2008)
Mr. Antti Järventaus

Project TAVIM (2006-2008)
Ms. Jennifer Frohn

Project ChAPAPs (2007-2010) 
Mr. Axel Budde (project coordinator)

Ms. Diana Moesgen (researcher)

In matters concerning national ENCARE networks:

Find your national co-ordinator (click on the country on the map):

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