Work package 5: Monitoring

The goal of this work package is to undertake state-of-the-art research and analysis concerning the mental and physical health of children and adolescents affected by parental alcohol problems in each participating country. To this end, a survey instrument will have to be developed which will assess the following variables: 

1. State-of-the-art in research with regard to the state of health of children affected by parental
alcohol problems in the corresponding partner country (from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
to health effects in adult age)
2. A strength and weakness analysis of the national prevention and intervention structures
3. A strength and weakness analysis of the national infrastructure of the help system. It is
hereby important to include a) the needs of affected families as well as b) the needs of
professionals working with the target group
4. An overview of relevant policies in the corresponding country 

Each project partner participating in this work package is required to answer the questions in the survey
instrument and to return it to the work package leader. After analysing the responses, a clear structure for “country reports” will be elaborated. All participating partners will draft their country report based on that structure and according to the answers in the survey instrument and return their report again to the work package leader. All country reports will be carefully analysed, including quantitative statistical analyses and qualitative content analyses. The interpretation of these results will form the basis for all further actions in other work packages. 

1. Develop survey instrument (WP leader).
2. Complete survey instrument (all partners).
3. Create structure for country reports (WP leader).
4. Write country reports (all partners).
5. Analyse and interpret country reports (WP leader).
6. Write report on results (WP leader)

1. survey instrument
2. country reports
3. Interpretation of country reports 

Work Package Leaders and Contact Information

Prof. Judith Harwin, Dr. Nicola Madge and Ms Sally Heath (UBRUN)
sally.heath[at], tel. +44 20 7974 1322