Work Package 2: Dissemination

Dissemination is an integral part of this project. The focus is on a wide scope of target audiences, involving professionals in every European country (e.g. health care specialists, general practitioners, social care practitioners, church and youth workers and policy makers) who work directly or indirectly either with children living in families with alcohol problems or with parents committing serious alcohol abuse. These key persons are to be reached via congresses, symposia, conferences and other scientific meetings as well as through disseminating the project's results in various publications in books and scientific journals and on relevant websites.

As a second component of dissemination, the public at large should be addressed in liaison with mass media (press, radio, TV) in order to raise awareness for the situation and living circumstances of children living with families affected by parental alcohol problems. 

1. Provide constantly updated information about ChAPAPs on
2. Liaise closely and constantly with target audiences and mass media.
3. Design ChAPAPs flyers and brochures.
4. Disseminate the results and products of work packages on and on other relevant
5. Disseminate the results and products of work packages at congresses and other relevant
6. Disseminate the results and products of work packages in scientific journals and/or monographs.
7. Compile a final dissemination report.

1. Information material about the project
2. At least 3 scientific publications in journals or monographs
3. At least 5 presentations at national and international congresses or other scientific meetings
4. Various mass media presentations
5. End of project symposium
6. Final report on dissemination activities 

Work Package Leaders

Mr. Janne Takala and Mrs. Minna Magnusson (ACF)

Contact Information
janne.takala[at], tel. +358 (0)50 3629014 and minna.magnusson(at), tel. +358 (0)41 4342973