Work Package 7: Impact Assessment II


To analyse the health-economic impact of parental alcohol problems, initially, the pertaining literature will be reviewed by means of a systematic search in electronic databases. Additionally, impact will be assessed through the analysis of data records (e.g. health and social reports, reports from insurance companies). A catalogue of key figures in the participating countries (e.g. physical and mental health, addictive behaviour, psycho-social development, framework and educational opportunities, socio-economic situation) will be developed for a harmonised and coherent monitoring of the health and social conditions of children and adolescents.

The impact of different prevention activities (setting-related and target-group specific) will be analysed.
Sources for this analysis will comprise European and country specific studies and pilot schemes. The effects of these prevention activities will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria: 

1. Structural framework of activities
2. Quality of processes
3. Results and effects
4. System-related, country specific evaluation (if data is available) level of activity (local,
regional, national), representative according to country and target-group 

Depending on the availability of data, criteria will be developed towards a uniform and coherent evaluation system for prevention activities. In addition, required data for cost-effectiveness-analyses of prevention activities will be described and a qualitative (or possibly quantitative) evaluation model will be developed in order to highlight the prevention potential in the different countries. 


1. Analyse data records and review literature (WP leader).
2. Develop catalogue of key figures (WP leader).
3. Analyse European prevention activities and their effects (WP leader).
4. Develop criteria for evaluation system data for prevention activities (WP leader).
5. Describe data for cost-effectiveness analyses (WP leader).
6. Develop evaluation model to show prevention potential (WP leader).
7. Support data collection by providing data, knowledge and experiences (all partners).
8. Write report on results. 


1. Catalogue of key figures
2. Evaluation model
3. Data (analysed and interpreted)
4. Report on results

Contact Information

Mr. Axel Budde
a.budde[at], tel. +49 221 7757 170