Working with Children in Risk - Introduction

This section of the website is more specifically for specialist professoinals who have a more clearly defined role (as a practitioner or researcher) to come into contact with children and families affected by alcohol misuse. You may be a specialist practitioner/researcher, or you may be planning to train to become a specialist practitioner/researcher, or you may want to see examples of good practice, which bridge the gap between different professionals and between research & practice.

These pages cover the types of thing that you may want or need to know, for example about setting up a service, or conducting research and evaluation in this area, or to find out more about practice and research in this area.

However, it is important to say that some of the information contained within this section of the website may be of use to other professional groups who come into contact or work with children and families who may affected by alcohol misuse in the family.

Because we are trying to meet the needs of a range of people across 13 countries, most of the information will be at a general level. However, we will provide more specific information where appropriate, or direct you to the further resources and written materials sections of the website. This includes details of websites that have been set-up to meet the needs of children living in these situations. The ENCARE group has also developed a Toolkit to help those of you who may be interested in setting up your own website for children living in risky environments. Your national organisations may also be able to provide help and information.